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Thread: Do you have a Chin up bar at home?

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    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    I used to have one post injury. Mounted a bar about 8 feet high over a door. I got the thickest rope I could find and tied a simple knot in it every 18 inches or so, tied this to the side of the bar so I could use the rope to haul myself up until I could grab the bar.

    on the way down you just gotta save enough strength to lower yourself on the rope back into the chair.

    it worked very well, I just don’t have an appropriate door to mount the rig to in my current apartment, but I still have the bar and would like to get it mounted up in my next place if possible.
    Why so high off the ground? If you did a pullup on an 8' bar or a 5' bar, its not gonna matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad09 View Post
    Why so high off the ground? If you did a pullup on an 8' bar or a 5' bar, its not gonna matter.
    I'm 6' tall and not doing a pull up while sitting down. I might have been able to get away with 7 feet because my knees don't straighten out all the way, but the way my pull up bar was built that would have interfered with the door (Had two downward sloping grips on the outside). Also it's quite difficult to find a doorway that's less than 5' high, and being able to open the door (it was a closet) and do pullups in the frame of the door meant that my knees could swing forward without worrying about hitting the wall the bar was mounted too. But even in a chair I'm like 4.5 feet tall, I think doing a pullup from a bar 6" over my head would be pretty rough, I just checked right now and from a seated position I can reach the top of my door (didn't measure the door, but I think standard doors are 6.5' high), so even if I was going to do a pull up while strapped to my chair I'd want the bar to be at least 7' high or I wouldn't get full extension.

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    I found a tape measure and measured the door because I was curious, could be useful information in the future.

    Without adjusting from my seated position to the front of the chair to take advantage of the dump to get a couple extra inches I can reach 75" off the ground with both hands. Sliding forward and reaching with just one hand I can reach a bit over 81" with one hand. I'd be able to grab a bar mounted at about 80" and pull myself up with it without getting out of the chair. Sitting in my chair I'm 56" tall, if I lifted myself up and did a pressure relief underneath a bar mounted at 5' I would hit my head.

    So if I could grab a bar mounted at 6'8" while still in a seated position with my legs bent at a greater than 90 degree angle, I'm probably underestimating the true need for height of the bar. 7 feet would definitely be too short, and if not for my knees that only open to an angle of about 25 degrees, even 8 feet would be too short to get full range of motion for a pull up.

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