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Thread: Worldwide licensing agreement made on peptide developed in Silver laboratory

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunasicc42 View Post
    Interested about any info you can find on CRP. I couldn't find much more than a passing reference... And probably justly because it's unpublished work..... I was wrong, I thought the ISP was for chronics. My mistake, eager to learn more about this CRP
    There was a session at Walking to Work on it last year - https://working2walk2017.wordpress.c...veland-clinic/
    All the other info I have was provided under NDA, but if there are questions I could ask Dr Lee if it was possible for him to provide answers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niallel View Post
    The current trial with Dr Lee is testing CRP alone and CRP+ISP. Obviously the results would dictate what happens next...
    Agreed. Silver's talk on the u2fp podcast, the working 2 walk presentations, and other things I've read have me looking forward to those results. especially how it is supposed to be minimally invasive.
    Sometimes, the way contracts are written the entity (nervegen) would have first chance at future peptides?. Depending on certain factors.
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