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Thread: digital stimulation

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthQuad View Post
    You know when you tie a balloon and look at the tied end? That's my booty-hole. Just a tip of a finger here. lol.
    OK, did we need to know this?

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    The two fingers part is probably OK. What's not OK is the digging part. If you are actually digging around in your a-hole with a hooked finger, you are going to damage that fragile tissue. My opinion only.

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    I have used a Magic Bullet suppository since 1989. I have always used (from a caregiver, family member or husband) only one finger since using two fingers (unless they are very very small) are definitely bound to cause you damage now or in the future. In internal or external hemorrhoids are not needed even though I have had mine for decades (external) but thankfully they have never bled.

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