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Thread: Bruno Stow-Away vs. Adapt Solutions XL-Seat

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    Bruno Stow-Away vs. Adapt Solutions XL-Seat

    Is either product better or more reliable than the other? The Stow-Away looks like it's mounted underneath the vehicle, while the XL-Seat is installed in the interior. Does that affect the platform's total range of movement? Is one more expensive than the other?

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    Bruno Stow-Away (
    Adapt Solutions XL-Seat (

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    I don't know about the XL seat, but my Bruno Stowaway is not reliable at all. I tried to get the XL seat for my new truck and they said it wouldn't fit through the door, so I am stuck with the Bruno. Wouldn't recommend it though.
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    What kind of problems have you experienced? Are those common?

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