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Thread: An interesting euphenism for your insurance just got worse...

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    An interesting euphenism for your insurance just got worse...

    I got a nice letter in the mail today...seems my insurance just came out with a revolutionary new therapy: Generic Step Therapy

    Them just saying we're overriding your doctor's prescription ideas because we know more being insurance bureaucrats and all wouldn't go over too well, huh?

    But I figure since they haven't came out with "Take an Aspirin Therapy" yet, all is good, lol. So many therapies to experience, I'm feeling cured!
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    It is an infinitely sensible protocol. Captive lab rats by the insurance industry on behalf of ???
    Similar, and along the lines and practice of deferring primary care treatment of minor ailments/injuries/illnesses until they have developed to a near critical, life threatening stage and can no longer be ignored.
    Down this way, the District Health Boards' budgets are often good at assuming that practice.

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