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August wrote:

  1. Cut the signal wire. Now you will have two ends of the signal wire: 1) signal wire 1 (going to the wireless throttle) and 2) signal wire 2 (going to the motor drive).
  2. Signal wire 1 remains unconnected in order to eliminate the wireless throttle.
  3. Connect the resistor between your hardwired throttle power line (adjustable 0-5V) and signal wire 2.
  4. Connect the capacitor between the signal wire 2 and ground

1 signal wire 2 goes to the controller
2 signal wire 1 remains unconnected? really? That is the one coming from the throttle dictating the chosen speed. The other two wires are plus and minus 5v
3 this sounds like the resistor goes in the cut signal wire different that above, more like I thought.
4 which side of the res?

Looking through the different sites there are various schematic examples. Some have them wired in parallel, or series or both with two resistors. The site I referenced above, below whatever had them in series. Does it matter?
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