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Thread: Wanted: Matrx 16x16 (or similar/compatible)

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    Wanted: Matrx 16x16 (or similar/compatible)

    Greetings - I currently use a Matrx Elite DEEP 16x16 on my beater chair. I just got a set of knobby tires that rub on the bottom corners of the backrest... not so much that it greatly interferes but enough that it will destroy the backrest after not too long. I *think* the reason for the rubbing is due to the depth of the backrest - pretty sure the standard depth would be out of the way of the tires. I use this chair strictly for things like camping and other off-road (freewheel-required) adventures, mostly as a means to get from point A to point B and then transfer or sit still. It's generally not a comfortable ride in general so it doesn't have to be perfect. All that is to say that going with something not as deep and/or slightly wider (I don't think I can go down to the 12" high though) would probably be sufficient. I also need/want to stick with the Matrx so that I don't have to mess with replacing the mounting brackets and can switch back to my current 16x16 DEEP backrest when I'm running my regular tires.

    Anyone have any thoughts and/or possibly something for sale that would fit?



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    I had the same problem and just slipped two 10mm washers on each axle pin and adjusted the pin length to compensate.
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    Awesome! I didn't even know the pins were adjustable. I just took a look at the ones in my knobby tires and it looks like the nut is screwed all the way to the top. I can see that there is definitely room to turn it down, shortening the pin, but it doesn't look like it has any room to go the other to lengthen it... which is what I'd need i order to fit the washers in there, right? They're brand new, out of the box - it seems weird that their default would be at their absolute longest, but i'm sure there's a reason or it. I'm guessing it's possible to order longer pins? Probably cheaper than a whole new (used) back... but with the crazy pricetag on most DME, who knows....

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