They did send me home with that breathing plastic thing.
I've had them before but think they were for blowing out. This one I suck in.
If I recall, I get it up to about 1000. Had a hard tme getting a breath again last night.
Went in for a check xray to see if the fluid was back. Everything looked fine. But when I sit all the way up, can't get a good breath. Just got my appointment with a lung doc.

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Hi Greg (it's me Lori from the Quad list).

They sent me home with an order for a nebulizer if I need it. I also took home with me one of those plastic things that are commonly given to use as often as possible to breathe in as far as you can and it will take you to a level that you would like to achieve. As stated above by many, us quads have diminished lung capacity so you are lucky if you get up to 1250 that it says straight on as you suck in as much air as possible.

They also sent me home with orders to go see a pulmonologist, a cardiologist and of course my regular physician.

I'm surprised that hospital did not send you home with the same to help you with what I have stated above.

Quick breaths will not help you. You need to take long deep breaths with the plastic thing that I mentioned above. I can't remember what they're called but they are a dime a dozen and I had a couple in the hospital so I just took one home.

Please take our advice! See you soon!