I've been using the Roho High Profile for about 20 years or so and never had a pressure sore. However, the quality of the rubber has gotten pretty damn lousy. My first cushion easily lasted a decade with maybe a puncture or two. My last two that I bought each had a dozen patches on them since 2013. I get pinhole leaks on average about every 2 months. As expensive as they are ($369), they only seem to last about two years, which is a total rip-off! I was thinking about buying the Roho Mosaic which can be found new on Ebay for $75. Even if they are made of the same shitty rubber as the high profile, I can afford to buy the Mosaic every 6 months if I have to, and it would still be cheaper than the High Profile. My only worry is that the Mosaic is only 3" high vs the 4" of the Roho High Profile. I'm just wondering if I would be sacrificing a lot protection giving up that one inch height difference.

I'd love to hear the opinions of people who have used the Roho Mosaic? Is it good or bad?