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Thread: Looking for a Jetstream Pro Replacement Cover? ADI Fits!!

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    Looking for a Jetstream Pro Replacement Cover? ADI Fits!!

    I've had a ROHO Jetstream Pro carbon fiber back for several years which I love but was sadly informed that it's been discontinued. It was replaced with the ROHO Agility Back which to me frankly looks as butt ugly as a grandma's wicker basket. Since I really only needed a cushion and cover (also discontinued) I was bummed by the thought of having to replace it altogether which isn't cheap ($500-600) so I started looking for other options. After extensive Googling I found that the ADI back was the same design (I think they actually sold it to ROHO) and decided to order a new foam insert and cushion cover from them. Low and behold it fits perfectly and saved me a bunch of cash on a new back. For about $120 it's as good as new! I was also able to order some replacement hardware that went missing. You can find replacements on One of the owners (Chad) is a quad and was super helpful! Just thought I?d share.

    FYI: For added protection from scratches and to hide existing scratches I removed the rubber trim and wrapped the back in 3M "clear bra" material. It made it look much more shiny and better than new. After it dries put the trim back on with some glue and you are good to go.

    PS: Get the "privacy flap" if you order one. No one wants to see your butt crack. lol
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    Good to know. I've had a Jetstream Pro for many years and I love it for the comfort and the compact, light, simple design of the attaching hardware. If it ever breaks, I hope I can find one that has been as good as this one has been to me.

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