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Thread: Do you guys have a to do list for your caregivers?

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    It comes back to common sense which is a rare commodity these days, or is when care staff are only earning $14 ph.
    $14 per hour is significantly above minimum wage, and there is no excuse for poor performance for that amount of money, especially when it comes to cleaning the house and basic chores.

    Do you know how hard I've worked at supermarkets and retail establishments for $8-$10 per hour?

    Sweeping and mopping floors and doing all sorts of cleaning as well as merchandising retail goods, providing high quality customer service, and engaging in salesmanship with customers?

    $14 Is not nurse pay, but there is no excuse for low quality work for things as simple as housekeeping and chores for that amount of money.

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    This is just a thought, not a recommendation or anything I have done.

    Many able bodied families have a housekeeper come in once or twice a week to do cleaning chores. Maybe, those of us who need personal care should hire someone to do just our personal care and hire a cleaning service/housekeeper to do the housekeeping chores.

    I've only used outside caregivers a about a dozen times. But one time I did was when NL had a torn meniscus repaired. What a disastrous experience. I hired a service. They sent someone to the house to do my personal care. Once the caregiver was finished with my personal needs, there was still time on the clock. We asked the caregiver to help NL clean the betadine wash off NL leg (surgery prep staff can go a little wild with this stuff). The caregiver refused and said she had been hired only to care for me. We asked her to leave, immediately.

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    I have had some bad experiences similar to those already posted. I quickly gave up on agency people. It cost an arm and a leg, the workers were paid hardly anything, and so they did a minimal job. Employing my PCAs directly is a pain, but i am able to pay them twice as much as agencies and save money. One of my current PCAs is a 60 year old woman who asks me for more work. She does not like to sit around waiting for my bp to end. She has offered to do anything within her capabilities for both me and my wife. There are some really good people out there with a good work ethic and appreciate a decent pay. Regrettably, finding them seems to be a matter of luck.
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    I have a blank whiteboard that I'd like to smash over their head. This was suggested by number 1 pot head pca. Her crazy ass was fired after 6 months I now have 2 pca that are more concerned about who's doing what. Is it really that tough. They know it's the SOS everyday. But gotta bitch bitch bitch. This must be payback for 37 great years. After the way I seen those hard working people running around at my brief nursing home stay, these one on one pc's don't know how good they have it.
    Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim C. View Post
    Common sense v. Caregivers
    Age-old challenge .
    Tim you're a silly one. Anglezilla called you out for sarcasm on your last post. Nurse CKF said the same thing about plain old common sense. The picture here is what I post on FB quite awhile back. This C&C thing has bugged me since a troubling event in 93. I'll do a follow up on my newer PCA tomorrow. 4:30am hope I sleep. Damn it.
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    Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.
    Bob Seger

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    Any tasks not directly related to the patient, such as child care or dog walking must be specifically enumerated upfront and compensated as such. If it is not, the only person to blame if problems occur is yourself.

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