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Thread: Dragon 13 versus 15

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    Dragon 13 versus 15

    anybody using version 15 and is it worth the upgrade?

    I have had nothing but problems with my version 13 which I installed two months ago.

    Can't use Windows live mail version 11. Problems with Internet Explorer as my browser. Some Excel and Word files won't open as long as Dragon is open.

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    I had to do the upgrade to DNS 15 Pro. I paid $150. I purchased DNS 13 Pro but I never used it. DNS 11 Pro I thought was good enough. With DNS 15 Pro, I do not like the Dragon web extension but it may be needed.
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    it's definitely worth the upgrade you need to go and check out if you give them a printout receipt of a medication showing that your disabled you'll get the software for free, not DragonDictate but the Knowbrainer supplement which is AWESOME it adds about 1000 more commands that Dragon doesn't put in, you can create your own to make things shorter. They also have reviews of Dragon 15. That's your best bet, a good microphone and Dragon with Knowbrainer and your set!
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