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Thread: ti-lite scissor locks

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    To my surprise while going through my TiLite Owner's Manual I checked out scissor brakes and wow, it stated 'scissor brakes can be operated without the spring, still safely holding the wheel', etc.
    The scissor locks work without the springs due to their 'over centre' design. It is an old engineering principal and bullet proof. Excepting material and pivot wear.
    One of mine on my TiLite has had a broken spring for a year or so now and still functions, no problem.
    I am considering replacing the rivets on mine with fasteners but that is another 'to do' among a bunch of other mounting jobs. The most urgent is replacing seals in my Black Engineering wheelchair lift.
    If you need to tighten up the action, give the rivets a wack with a suitable punch and hammer, it may help.

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    I like the scissor locks but I'm not sure they are made by Tilite?! They are a great design and lightweight, would be killer if the rivets were replaced with screws or other and if we could buy replacement springs. It's true the lock still works after the spring fails but the levers do not return to the tucked away position which has resulted in some heavy swearing and bloody fingers!
    I think the D's locks are sweet but in order to preserve my joints I keep my frame as light as possible for pulling chair in/out of car... Just my 2 cents

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