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Thread: Anyone mount LED light to their 'chair?

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    Anyone mount LED light to their 'chair?

    Has anyone mounted a bicycle LED light to their manual 'chair for dark night mobility?

    One evening leaving my building it was so dark outside I could not see the ramp to the parking lot where my van was parked. I had to use my cell phone light to find the ramp. I reported this to my supervisor the next day and they spent $4k on lighting the entrance and front parking lot with bright LED lights.

    At one time I had a small piece of velcro on the side of my 'chair and when I needed light I carried a 2AA cell Maglite with velcro on it to give me light.

    Has anyone mounted a LED bicycle light or LED flashlight to their 'chair?

    Can you show pictures of how you mounted it, manufacturer and model number of light?


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