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Thread: Anyone mount LED light to their 'chair?

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    you may want to keep a quality headlamp handy. This way you can see things that may not be illuminated by a light fixed to the chair.

    I keep one in my bedroom for power outages, though I have a generator and this is less of a problem now.

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    I am in the early stages of this. The plan is a 5v system so she can use a common portable battery for cell phones the connection is micro USB.
    I have the headlights ( ) in hand, and am looking at tail lights, but they all have multiple modes - I want on/ off only. Will post source and project pix when done.

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    Any bike shop will have a selection of white and red LED lights that can mount easily to a wheelchair frame. Some are quad-friendly with big buttons and simple mounts. They run from under $10 to over $100 for the fancy shit.

    - be sure to get one that is USB chargeable. changing batteries is a pain.
    - be sure to get one that mounts at the angle you want. Some run perpendicular and some run parallel to the bar they mount on.

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    Some things to consider:
    1. Weight. The lighter the light, the more likely you'll carry it with you (e.g. throw it in your backpack, attach it to your chair before you leave).
    2. Power. The LED bike lights are amazing. The technology has come a long way lately.
    3. Recharge. USB recharge is fantastic. For me, it means that you're more less likely to run out of power when out on your chair.
    4. Objective. Some lights are intended to help you see, some are intended to help you be seen. Based on your original post it sounds like you're mostly focused on the former.

    With that in mind. I'd personally go for a rechargeable LED light that you can toss into a backpack/bag so you have it with you and have it handy/charged when you need it. A bulky light will likely be sitting at home when you need it. Some of the LED bike lights suggested here look like great options. The other option to consider is a powerful head lamp (e.g. camping head lamp). You can get some powerful head lamps, and if you check out Sierra Trading Post or a similar online site you can probably find a good deal. The benefit of a head lamp is that the light will go wherever you're looking, so you don't necessarily need to light a huge swath of real estate in front of you.

    Good luck!

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    Slightly off-topic but related. Accessories made for bicycles will more easily mount on dual tube chairs than mono tube chairs. That's because dual tube chairs have thinner tubes that are more like bicycles.

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