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Thread: What does everyone carry daily?

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    Buy a nylon or lether purse.

    I never buy a wheelchair manufacturer's under seat pouch. I go to Penny's and buy a nylon or leather purse which sell for $20 and tie wrap it to my chair. They last a very long time.

    I carry my keys, cellphone, ink pen and Sharpie marker in the open pocket. In the zippered pocket wallet, thermometer, meds, wire cutters, pressure gauge, calculator, and tape measure.

    In my wallet I have a folded sheet of paper with complete family history, date of birth/death, age at death, cause of death, address, telephone numbers and place of employment for all sibling. For me a completed medical history, meds on and dosage, drug allergic reactions, date of operations and what kind of operation. My primary medical doctor name address and telephone number to all other doctors. In case of emergency contact numbers. My complete medical diagnosis and complete details about AD. Date of injury. I date this document for any changes.

    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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    Hospital bed, 3 shifts of private duty nurses, ambulance trailing behind. Oh, this was a serious thread, it goes:

    Wallet, Keys, Phone, Vape pen, Lanyard with various RFID access cards, small fanny pack containing many of listed items and anywhere from 2 to 6 closed system kits (with gloves and disinfectant removed for compactness), zip lock bag with wipes (ripped in 4/1 ratio for compactness), metal clip to hold pants down. And that's it. And a small Little Playmate cooler if I'm bringing lunch to work (also can cram fannypack in there)

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    Suction machine, suction catheters, 2x spare tracheostomy tube, sterile gloves, trache hole forceps, spare ventilator, spare battery, disposable urine bottle, allen keys, phone which has notes/credit cards and 1 or 2 support workers, have to have 2 if in the van as the driver can't always pull up and get to me if a vent pipe pops off. Don't carry anything myself, support workers do that

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    After years of carrying everything in a backpack I ditched it. I hurt my shoulder trying to zip it up while it was on the back of my wheelchair. Kinda the straw that broke the camel's back, then had 3 months of PT and decided to go rogue and not use a backpack.
    I use an under-seat pouch for wallet, phone charger, a few hex keys, tape measure (useful when shopping, etc.), pulse/oximeter (breathing issues), and small fold up utility tool that has a scissors.
    On right vertical front post of wheelchair I attached an iPhone holster. I must carry an oxygen tank on the left vertical post and a small bag containing back up batteries for the tank device, a pen and plastic wrench for opening and closing tank.
    You wouldn't believe what I used to carry in my backpack - set up as if I would be stranded in a forest.
    Thanks for the thread and good ideas!

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    underseat bag with:
    3 ICs, and extension tube, washcloth. Wallet, keys, light sweater.

    thats it!

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    For those of you saying you have a multitool with hex keys and screwdrivers, where did you find this? Sounds like an easy solution to carrying around unnecessary hex keys everywhere.

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    I got mine from ebay but I have seen them on amazon under leatherman

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockbybay View Post
    For those of you saying you have a multitool with hex keys and screwdrivers, where did you find this? Sounds like an easy solution to carrying around unnecessary hex keys everywhere.
    In my opinion if you want the hex keys for your chair you should just buy a cheap set from harbor freight or somewhere and pull out the specific keys that fit your chair, that's what I did, I only need 3, any of the other hex bits and I'm going to have a catastrophic failure that a simple multitool isn't going to fix.

    They make things with a bunch of hex keys that fold out, but you're going to end up carrying a bunch of hex keys you don't need if you go that route, and while I think i already established the fact that I'm carrying a lot of weight, I don't want to carry and unnecessary weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Binkylucy4 View Post
    I got mine from ebay but I have seen them on amazon under leatherman
    Yes, I have a leatherman already but it doesn't have hex keys. I supposed I can do what funklab suggested and just have the three or so I need loose, I just like the idea of a compact multitool with say a screwdriver, a few hex keys, and a knife.

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    No one has mentioned condoms. On reading your list Funklab I was hopeful as your list is quite comprehensive. But no.
    Where is the optimism??

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