I'm a C4/5 quad, and I've been injured for 15 years. I have done a fair amount of travel, and I almost always bring a caregiver for my 3-4 hours of daily care. I have always tried to minimize the help that I demand from my family, especially with more personal needs like showering and bowel program.

When I travel with a caregiver, of course I pay for their travel expenses (flights, lodging, etc.). They receive the normal salary for the caregiving that they provide, and I give a per diem for expenses. Sometimes they will join me or my family for a meal (at home or out), which we will pay for. The per diem is meant to cover for not only food, etc., but also the fact that they are leaving their family and life for the duration of the trip. Depending on whether I travel somewhere cheap (e.g. visiting parents) or somewhere expensive (New York City), I have always given a per diem of $50-$100/day.

I don't want to be a cheapskate, but I also don't want to unnecessarily overpay. I really have no idea what is fair in a situation like this. My caregiver who generally travels with me lately makes traveling so easy. She is perfectly fine being self-sufficient, but she also gets along well with my family when she's around. I want her to feel appreciated and continue to want to travel with me.

My question for you, CareCure: If you travel with a caregiver for personal care, what do you pay?