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Thread: Bottoming out when tilting

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    Bottoming out when tilting

    Recently took delivery of an electric wheelchair and found using a Jay2 deep contour that the gel gets dispersed leaving me bottoming out. I can't shift my weight by lifting so that's why I was using the tilt. Anyway I was wondering what others are using for cushions when constantly using the tilt function? I wonder if a Roho would continue to spread when tilting repetitively? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Steve

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    Hi Steve, good question specific to a ROHO Cushion. In most cases you would want to use one of the ROHO Select Series cushions (QUADTRO SELECT or CONTOUR SELECT) when the application involves repetitive tilting. A Select Series cushion allows you to segment the air into 4 distinct quadrants of the cushion, so when more of your weight shifts to the back of the cushion during a tilt sequence the air remains contained in both back quadrants.

    Feel free to contact me directly if you need any additional information.


    Tom Borcherding
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    I have used the Roho Contour Select for years with my power chairs that tilt. They can be a bit tricky to set up properly...getting the inflation right for your weight and body type, but a good physical therapist or seating/positioning specialist should be able to do that and teach you and/or your caregiver to keep the cushion inflated.

    Thank Tom!

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    Steve (takenaback),
    If you prefer the J2-type of cushion, then the J2 Recline model briefly discussed on this forum here is the Jay model designed with tilting in mind. Another alternative to Tom's good ROHO Select Series suggestion is the Star Galaxy cushion (seen here) which also exhibits 4 distinct quadrants but has larger pelvic support cells which can be helpful in such cases. Yet another alternative is a Vicair-type of cushion like the one shown here which captures the weight bearing elements in compartments thereby suppressing their forward migration during tilting.
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    I think everyone needs to find what works for them since everyone is different. After 2 surgeries due to abscesses the regular surgeon referred me to a specialist who repeated surgery but did a weekly deep debridement. Lost a year with first two surgeries and nearly 2 years with the specialist's surgery and followup care that successfully healed the areas from inside out which I'm still grateful for him and his staff for doing for me.
    That specialist ordered ROHO Quadtro Select. That was back in 2001 and been using one ever since!
    So, I guess I'm bias, at least a good bit. However I feel Mr. Borcherding summed it it very well and I know from past experience with ROHO Company that they were always there when I had a problem and willing to assist a whole lot better than DME could or would help.
    I hope you the very best in finding a cushion that works for you!

    BTW: Mr. Tom Borcherding, My wife and I hope you know how much ROHO products mean to all of us end users/consumers!
    "Thank you!"

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    You can also order an overfill on the gel bladder on your jay cushion for future reference.

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    Thanks for the valuable information. I will take these up with my PT as possible options. When the electric wheelchair was ordered, so was a cushion but it's an inch wider than my previous Jay2 deep contour and I believe part of the problem is my backside going straight into the well and not being supported on the sides by the trochanters. Anyway it's a matter of going through the options and solutions you guys have provided without doing any permanent damage to an already compromised area. My old Jay2 deep contour would have been better with a standard overfill as there is not much gel in the back area just below the coccyx. The new Jay2 deep contour seems to have plenty of gel without an overfill.

    I was in bed for a month with a break directly in the centre below the coccyx so I don't want to go back there again. Needless to say my glutes disappeared years ago so that centre area bears the brunt. Unfortunately I also split a cell in my mattress so it has been difficult to diagnose the cause as I'm getting pressure in the chair and also in bed as I sleep on my back. Anyway the mattress issue has been solved and there is no pinkness in the morning but it's a different story when I go to bed, not angry red but a little pink. One of the other problems I have is I like to sit right back in a bolt upright position. When you combine this with a canvas wheelchair back that has a little sag I think I might even go off the back of a little bit. I'm trying to fix one problem at a time without making anything more confusing so I haven't sat back in the electric chair on the new Jay2 deep contour.

    Cheers Steve

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