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Thread: "Packing up" rigid W/C for airplane "hold"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR View Post
    I'm not sure how to interpret that, but there is much more to it. Most of my 3,500+ posts are from a kinder gentler time on CC when people came here to help and support one another.
    Internet posts don't always have good continuity. Thoughts can be disjointed and lead to miscommunication. I appreciate your help and certainly didn't mean anything by my post other than an honest question. You said a few simple things can go a long way to preventing damage and you show a picture. There are only two things in the picture that could relate to your comment. One is the sleeve covering the front tubes, which is only cosmetic protection. Your comment about how critical and important the chair is to everyday use implies more than cosmetic damage. It implies structural damage. The only other thing shown in the picture is removing the wheels and keeping them together. Hence, my question. By the way, I like how you do that. What is the device in the hub? Maybe I was I wrong to think that is what you were getting at. I really don't get the significance of the picture otherwise.

    I'm here to help and support.
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