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Thread: Opioids being taken away so pain will soon be back...

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    Heroin withdrawal or intoxication doesn't appear different than any other intoxication with opiates from the outside looking in. Also one can be strung out on heroin (or oxy, or hydrocodone or tramadol) and never inject it.

    To be fair there's a bit of interpretation and speculation, but if you look at the massive amount of potential years of life lost with kids ODing in their teens and 20s, it's a pretty clear link that opioids are at least one of the factors driving a decreased life expectancy, and a big risk factor for developing an addiction to opioids is getting prescribed them in the first place... if you wanted to disagree with that statement you could probably find a good rationale, a lot of "does association equal causation" arguments would be valid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    I hope that you do give it a few months before you end your life. Studies show that opioids cause a decrease in pain initially (for up to a couple weeks), then chronic pain returns to it's previous level except that it is much worse if you don't get the opioids. They also show that over the course of several months off of opioids pain tends to return to baseline (ie no worse than before opioids or while using opioids long term).
    This was absolutely true for me. I tried every medication available, including opioids, and was on them for four years after my SCI. I slowly got off of everything over about a 6 month span. While the withdrawls were terrible at first, eventually everything leveled out and I'm in the same amount of pain as I was on the meds. It has made a huge difference not having the mental/cognitive side effects. Busyness and distraction are the only things that help me deal with my pain.

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    Chronic pain hear for 24 years since T-10 sci. With the opiod epidemic nation wide they care cracking down on doctors big time. Very aggressive in Arizona everyone i know has been cut back. They cut my monthly dosage in half as well as all my other chair friends. I found another medication that helps but it's very hard and tricky to get prescribed. Adderral xr helps my pain tremendously. I went into the Doc informed him. I having problems with my memory focusing. I forget dates, birthdays, loose my phone my keys, or lock my keys in my car. He gave me a 4 page test then prescribed me adderral.

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    "Mike", as another "Mike" I certainly understand your misery. Although I haven't contemplated suicide, I have asked the good Lord to take me at least once a week. Opiods (dilaudid) are the only treatment that has worked at all for me and I've tried everything. I'm currently pursuing medical marijuana; is it legal in your state?

    But why is your doctor cutting you off of opiods? Sounds like he/she isn't following the "do no harm" oath. Have you tried another doctor? Post your state; I'm betting that one of us can give you a reference for a doctor.

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    In my 10 plus years of dealing with chronic SCI related pain, opioids have been an effective, partial treatment. If I happen to forget a dose, which rarely occurs, my body lets me know within a few hours. I don’t know where this research comes from ( that says opioids are not good for chronic pain), but in my experience that’s not true. FYI, in my state, the new 5 day rule applies to acute pain patients, not chronic pain patients.
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    opioids do work for chronic nerve pain, This country has gone crazy with this stuff, When they removed the legally made opioids , the void was filled with china made counterfeit narcotics, The pharmaceutical med users were now introduced to heroin. I saw this coming when they started cracking down on the Rx's Personally i believe it is a Russian operation, supplying the country with a powerful heroin mix , dealers do not want their clients to OD
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