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Thread: Nucynta

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    Appt with the pain doc yesterday, getting a full work up as things have deteriorated, but I got a scrip for the new drug nucynta

    supposed to have minimal side effects. Just started it so will report on it after a few days experience.


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    minimal side effects my ass

    The guy i talked to all day (who disappeared after the drugs wore off) and I would like to explain side effects to some of these clinical asses who think the inability to speak, hallucinations, lethargy and confusion are a minimal price to pay for 10% relief.

    Hope it helps some of you, at least I didn't puke it up like codiene based shit.

    not in a good mood. fucking hurt.


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    New Medicine

    I have bad back problems and foot pain and I have been taking Percocet 325/7.5 for several years now and it does its job.Well,went to see my pain Dr and he said he had to put me on Nucynta.I am scared to death to try it.Please someone give us some good signs with it.I cannpt take something that it gonna knock me out during the day.I hope epeople will start posing their side effects on here.

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    Why would he have to put you on this. On my ins percs are $5 for a 100

    Nucynta $1 each

    percs oxys and vics don't work for me


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    Started the Nucynta this morning,so far so good.Its been 8 hours since I took it this morning and I just took another but there is side effects from coming off of the perco's.I yawn yawn yawn and having severe chills after the first 4-5 hours. He is taking precationary steps until the FDA makes its mind if they are pulling it off or not.I just didn't wanna take something that was gonna knock me out.IF so I guess I would just have to hurt because I ain't taking something that makes me sleepy.

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    Just a quick update,that is a bunch of junk.I took a Nucynta at 8:00pm and I was hurting so bad I had to go ahead and take a Percocet 7.5/325 @ 11:00pm because of such pain.This is not a good pain medicine to take away pain.

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    not doing much for my pain, doubled the dose no better


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    This medication will probably end up being similar to Tramadol or Ultram. I think it is supposed to be a bit more potent though.

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    Think Nucynta is a wash for me but nothing else has worked either.

    One thing I'll say is no constipation, no nausea, or puking, less hangover headache,

    but doesn't do a lot for pain for me


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    Hello, I just joined this forum due to information I found on a Google search. ( Nucynta) I read all of your post on this drug. I was just given this to me today after 2 years of being on Durgesic patches and oxycodone. I am hoping to learn from this post if all of you are getting relief from this new drug.
    I too will post if it works for me, but I have only taken one dose so it is too early to say.

    Thank you Tracy

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