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Thread: Denied claim for rental car- discrimination?!

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    Denied claim for rental car- discrimination?!

    I rented a car from Hertz with my credit card on Hotwire and paid for the extra insurance because my friend was going to drive me around. She was the only authorized driver, but I paid for rented the car. She scraped a wall and I have been working for 3 months just to get get my claim finalized. Ridiculous ystem of poor communication between me and the two companies. Finally they denied it based on the fact that she was driving the car. The fine print says I am the insured driver, but what does a person do when they can't drive a rental, but want to be the responsible party? I didn't want her to have to claim it on her insurance as she was doing me a favor. I think there is a lack of provision here for a disabled person to insure their rental car, but i have used so much time and energy just to get this answer I am ready to give up and I know that's what they want! Grrr!!!

    The company is Allianz. Any experiences with this anyone?
    Is this the right forum to post this question??

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    She was driving, therefore it should probably attach to her insurance. It's probably Mondial Assistance/Allianz Global Assistance (Travel insurance carrier). They're a solid carrier.

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    Under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), I think you want to look into provisions re "Surrogate Drivers". I don't know how much would come down to the way the insurance policy is written.

    Here's 'Enterprise's" policy on rentals for PWD's.

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    Should have put the rental in her name. Anything happen you just pay her for any money she be put out.

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