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Thread: Manual wheelchair power assist device recommendations needed.

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    I've used a zx1 now for about 5 years and could not function outdoors without it due to aging shoulders. We have a van with a lift, so transporting it is not an issue - it weighs about 70+ pounds and you cannot 'take it apart' for routine transport.
    My husband, also a wheeler, got a Smart Drive and I tried it - I did not have the strength to stop it and drove into the back of our house, with the drive wheel ending up turned sideways. However, I have not tried the newer models that allow you to stop with the wrist band device. Hubby just got one of those and is practicing outdoors with no problems thus far.
    If I had to decide on the two devices at present I would still go with the zx1 - I'm older and like the direct contact with the joystick and the fact that when I have a bad-shoulder day I can easily use it indoors - move around easily in the kitchen preparing a meal. However, when indoors I do not do any transfers with it connected - I'm in the habit of grabbing my tires to do transfers and in ZX1 wheelchair brakes are not supposed to be put on, so it would be an extra step to put them on for transfers, but then I just don't feel as stable as when my wheelchair is completely on the floor, unconnected to zx1.

    Husband and I have use of our arms and fingers and were able to do the initial adjustments when zx1 arrived. Later we made some adjustments to the anti-tilt set up. None of this is very complicated, just time consuming if you picture two people in wheelchairs trying to maneuver out of each others way to use tools, hold stuff in place, etc. We referred to the manual a lot. FYI, we never did do any adjustments to allow me to retain the armrest holders on my everyday chair. We had to remove the holders, thus if I ever need the armrests while in my manual chair, can't use them. (Don't use them anyway).

    You can try to do a Search on this site for ZX1 as I think there's a thread discussing all sorts of issues regarding the armrest, etc. At the moment I can't remember the name of the woman who was very knowledgeable about this and made many adjustments for her husband.
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