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Thread: Sigmoid stoma size. I?ve has my colostomy for 11

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    Sigmoid stoma size. I?ve has my colostomy for 11

    I have a sigmoid colostomy that has a oval shape 1in x 7/8in. What?s the average size of this type of stoma? I feel like mine is too small. For those who have a colostomy What size is your stoma. Thanks

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    Mines about that size Julian. The enlarge and shrink thruout the day. I have SIgmoid loo[ also. I've found if the stool is too watery, I take an immodium once in the morning and it seems to make things more clay like consistency. I think the Immmodium tk=akes the water out or the colon.

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    My bags come precut at 1 3/16in.

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