After my problem of my catheter popping out, I went to the urologist.

My Nurse Practitioner didn't/couldn't answer my question about having surgery to tighten up the stoma. Instead, she had me try talking Ditropan once again, on top of my Myrbetriq. I was only taking 25 mg's Myrbetriq twice a day, but now I take both Myrbetriq in the morning and 5 mg's of Ditropan at night. Leaking around the stoma has quit, but only if the catheter runs to the left side of my body. (Unsure why as yet)

Anyhow, does anyone else take multiple medications for bladder spasms and is it working well for you?

So far, my only problems are dry mouth and strange/vivid dreams that cause me to wake once or twice through the night/early morning.