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Thread: Video on the demise of

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustyjames View Post
    Man, I just don't get it. What's the big deal if you don't like what you see in the politics forum just don't visit it?
    Probably more out of habit than anything. It was one of the sites I went to hear the differing opinions. It's still there but valid argument by each side is drowned out by the rhetoric. It's a shame as there are very intelligent, fervent individuals posting.

    I go there more for entertainment than politics. As someone who is actively seeking opinions on which way to vote next election; you "guys" have turned this place into a joke. There ya go, do you understand it now?

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    I've found that there are two topics that are always trouble on a forum; Politics and Religion. Whatever your view or opinion is there's ALWAYS something with an opposing point-of-view. I enjoyed WCJ even though I have a manual chair. Mark has a good sense of humor.
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    Hmmmmm...I feel a tremor in The Force...perhaps a move to Member's Only is eminent...

    Seriosuly...someone (with mod) help out the single most important (and as yet unsullied) sub-forum on CareCure!

    Equipment Master Race! We must remain PURE!!!

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    "If you only know your side of an issue, you know nothing." -John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

    "Even what those with the greatest reputation for knowing it all claim to understand and defend are but opinions..." -Heraclitus, Fragments

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    Thanks KDL

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    I sometimes read the Politics forum, but I don't get involved in it. Politics is the third rail these days.

    Where did everyone who left go?

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan View Post
    Where did everyone who left go?
    SCI moths migrated to Flamebook where you can moderate your own content. And there are at least a half dozen SCI FB groups.

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    I think to come back a year plus later to explain is pointless because nobody really cares...

    But to blame it on anyone but himself is typical Mark...its always someone else's problem!

    Back in the day Mark didn't really post and life was much better, once he started posting is when the issues started because people smarter than him started pointing out inconsistencies, he used WCJ as an endless plug for Pride products and only Pride products would fix the issues in people's lives!

    Mark didn't take criticism well so when people would complain about him or Pride he took it offensively and felt a need to scold, defend and put down those that didnt think his way.

    He was a master of shaming! But more important his background was in writing not tech and it showed.

    I told him when you think you are the smartest one in the room then you have a problem..

    He never gave kudos to anyone...and was very combative.

    Then his endless banning people smarter than him? Why would you push away people that can help others?

    The dynamic didnt change you always have people needing help and those eager to help and like other tech sites its a simple balance and it regulates itself for the most part.

    Marks problem is Mark, the users grew and became more educated and sophisticated as they learned from others, research, and experiences but Mark didn't. He didnt know how to grow his brand, he always felt threatened.

    For most that watched the slow death of WCJ remember when he kicked off the smarter posters for whatever reason little by little you kill the environment, and then there is knowing really offering any information but Mark.

    To the point the last year was a ghost town, a post every 3 or 4 weeks.

    Mark not taking criticism is why Mark likes other social media platforms because then readers can not post their thoughts.

    Look at the video he posted the comments on YouTube are blocked?

    What is he so afraid of?

    I think timing is interesting to that Pride User forum and WCJ close giving Pride users know where to go for support and help and Mark caught trolling WCD wishing cancer?

    Having to brag about one's life trappings, cars, vans, travel, lifestyle in a community where people are struggling to make ends meet is a slap in the face to our community.

    Life is about karma...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustyjames View Post
    Man, I just don't get it. What's the big deal if you don't like what you see in the politics forum just don't visit it?
    TOUCHE! It's like after I watch Rachel. I change the channel quickly.
    Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.
    Bob Seger

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