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Thread: Heriot-Watt study says mind matters for spinal patients

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    Heriot-Watt study says mind matters for spinal patients


    With the tiny amount of money that goes to finding a cure, who is letting it be wasted on this?
    Even worse it makes others think that the problem is in our heads, we aren't really injured.

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    The full text of the article doesn't disclose what the funding source was. Perhaps the institutions of the researchers had some pilot funds lying around?

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    Not a waste. Paper is pretty narrowly focused on paras with sensory sparring but no motor sparring (they claim ~25% of the para population.)

    They're using standard evidence based research methods, right?! If their outcomes support their hypothesis, then how is it wasteful? No one has cracked this code yet, to such a significant degree, that this inquiry into how to help us should be considered a waste. No one has corned the market on how to fix us so much so that they deserve all the funding.
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    Maybe you have a point.

    I would have imagined that we don't overreach because we are very careful because we don't have balance, but that doesn't seem to be an option given.

    To your point, I don't believe they offered any outcomes or next steps.

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