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Thread: Straight cath wont go in. Any quads use a coude???

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    Unhappy Straight cath wont go in. Any quads use a coude???

    Been waiting a long time to get to the point where I can jam a tube in my pecker and now that I can it turns out I'll need to now figure out how to use a coude catheter with no hand function 🤦*♂️

    I went and got a renal ultrasound and they inserted a catheter just fine when my bladder was already empty. I got ad as they were advancing the catheter, I always do though

    Two times a month or two before that my sp clogged and my bladder was full a regular 16fr went in and drained my bladder just fine (these two times I had ad. I wanted my bladder emptied so my blood pressure went down before I laid down to change the catheter)

    Since then neither me, my urologist, his colleague, and his nurse can't get a regular catheter in. We tried a 12fr speedicath compact set (the only one I can independently use) and a 16fr hollister vapro pocket plus. Then we tried the flex coude and even that wouldn't go in!

    My urologist then did a cystoscopy and said everything looked fine, other than my sphincter being a bit tight, but it's probably not the issue. He said the catheters aren't getting past my prostate just because of how my anatomy is

    My urologists office gave me a bunch of hydrophilic coude catheters (I really don't want to use anything other than hydrophilic) and I just can't get them to advance

    So.. Maybe someone knows of a possible solution or coude catheter I can try?
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    You can use a Coude tipped catheter if you can insert a regular straight catheter. Using a PVC catheter for this makes it easier to control. Just be sure you get proper instruction in how to advance these catheters, as if you allow the catheter to twist during insertion you can actually do some damage. Coude catheters can be obtained both with a hydrophilic/lubricious coating, and without, and come in latex, PVC, and silicone.

    Did your physician note an enlarged prostate during your exam? This is the major justification for needing to use a Coude tipped catheter. A Tiemann catheter is very similar and works the same way.

    This is a pretty good discussion about how to use and the advantages of a Coude tipped catheter:

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    I've had to use coude catheters for the same reason but I haven't ever had any trouble inserting them. The way I understood insertion, was to keep the curved end always pointing upwards. I use 100% silicone catheters.

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