Been waiting a long time to get to the point where I can jam a tube in my pecker and now that I can it turns out I'll need to now figure out how to use a coude catheter with no hand function 🤦*♂️

I went and got a renal ultrasound and they inserted a catheter just fine when my bladder was already empty. I got ad as they were advancing the catheter, I always do though

Two times a month or two before that my sp clogged and my bladder was full a regular 16fr went in and drained my bladder just fine (these two times I had ad. I wanted my bladder emptied so my blood pressure went down before I laid down to change the catheter)

Since then neither me, my urologist, his colleague, and his nurse can't get a regular catheter in. We tried a 12fr speedicath compact set (the only one I can independently use) and a 16fr hollister vapro pocket plus. Then we tried the flex coude and even that wouldn't go in!

My urologist then did a cystoscopy and said everything looked fine, other than my sphincter being a bit tight, but it's probably not the issue. He said the catheters aren't getting past my prostate just because of how my anatomy is

My urologists office gave me a bunch of hydrophilic coude catheters (I really don't want to use anything other than hydrophilic) and I just can't get them to advance

So.. Maybe someone knows of a possible solution or coude catheter I can try?