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Thread: sliding door threshold

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    sliding door threshold

    I'm planning a stay at an airbnb that has a sliding glass door. I'm trying to figure out how elaborate I need to get rampwise to cross the threshold without messing up the doorway. I'm in a powerchair.

    I appreciate hearing any suggestions/experience folks might have for a temporary situation like this.

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    Is there a small step down on the outdoor side of the sliding glass door? This is pretty common, and makes ramping a little more difficult. If not, you can use a threshold ramp on either side of the door and set them up so they meet or nearly meet over the track. Not cheap though.

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    See specifications here:
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    I have this very set up in my Florida airbnb works well!I only need it on one side but can't shut the slider when it is in most of the time door is open anyway

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    For $37 including shipping I figured, what the hell, let's see if I can smooth my entrance without interfering with the slider or the screen.
    Will see!
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