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Thread: Hypothetical question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post
    Only because you laughed today Paolo!
    Thanks for reposting your analysis of the situation. I agree with what you say and I hope people will read it carefully and add constructive inputs or ask questions if somthing is not clear.

    I have been wondering for a while how to make changes you suggest (or at least to begin with some) happen.
    I still have no practical solutions because we have no orgs with this mindset nor we have a big enough SCI Community on the same line of thinking to have a significant impact on the situation etc..

    At the moment our only hope is that some good researchers will be also very lucky while perhaps an SCI org will see the light and will start leading people to do something useful.

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    yeah but its just too bad all this has been repeated over and over for the past 40-50 years... Its getting boring. Flying pelican needs to come up with new material and stop repeating himself... Have another laugh, I bet he'll repeat again going full tin foil...
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    Suck it up man! Or alternatively, maybe increase the dosage of the pills that those unscrupulous wealthy men are selling to your poor whiny paralysed ass.

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    Illuminati...? ��
    and no I don’t believe the earth is flat lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by GRAMMY View Post
    Its a good description, although they forgot to include Obstacle 5 - Bringing it to market.
    Or we could rephrase that as Obstacle 5 - Foundations don't care about Commercialisation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lurch View Post
    Well thanks for all the piss take replies. This is the exactly sort of defeatist attitude and lack of imagination that keeps us in chairs. Are you seriously telling me that in the year 2018 with One Billion dollars in your pocket that you could not somehow circumvent some of the red tape and legislation that is in place? I know this was not a "serious" thread but to be honest I expected more from some of you.
    I was out of the country for many years and just come back to USA. I am very interested in this thread about finding a cure for chronic SCI. I have a question and hope someone can have an answer. I suffered T-11 incomplete SCI from removing a schwanomma tumor in my spine in the year of 2006. What can I do to improve my condition. Can you give me any recommendations ? Thanks for your input.


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    (Sorry for my entry into the Cure Forum).

    Not one person mentioned forced hypothermia. That would be number one for me. #KevinEverett

    ETA info about Kevin Everett.

    Dr. Barth Green, neurological surgery department chair at the University of Miami School of Medicine, said "based on our experience, the fact that he's moving so well, so early after such a catastrophic injury means he will walk again." When asked about Everett's chances for full recovery, Green replied that, while "not 100 percent predictable," it was "feasible that he could lead a normal life," and credited the hypothermic treatment of intravenous ice-cold saline, administered within minutes of Everett's injury, as having been a significant factor in minimizing the damage. Green referred to this method as an "ice-pack for his spinal cord."

    A doctor mentioned this in emerge when I went paralzyed in 1985 ... I wish it had been done. Like electrical stim, something that's been played around with for decades.
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    Quote Originally Posted by niallel View Post
    Its a good description, although they forgot to include Obstacle 5 - Bringing it to market.
    Or we could rephrase that as Obstacle 5 - Foundations don't care about Commercialisation.
    I guess this is my point with the premise of this hypothetical scenario. As a billionaire the treatment wouldn't need to be "brought to market". It would only need to be brought to what would you do?

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    Its crazy to think we have to fantasize about being a billionaire so we can get proper healthcare to have the best chance at recovery!

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