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Well thanks for all the piss take replies. This is the exactly sort of defeatist attitude and lack of imagination that keeps us in chairs. Are you seriously telling me that in the year 2018 with One Billion dollars in your pocket that you could not somehow circumvent some of the red tape and legislation that is in place? I know this was not a "serious" thread but to be honest I expected more from some of you.
Few things to keep in mind:

- no rat has been cured yet either from acute or chronic SCI
- most SCI research is still "acute oriented" and not relevant to cure chronic SCI
- the academic system is not set to deliver a cure for SCI and is also totally inefficent (long time, lots of money, little progress) as structure to produce essential descoveries such has how to turn on regeneration in a damagen spinal cord
- there is much more to say, these are just the main points that comes to my mind at teh moment

So I would set up a research organization that does SCI CURE research 24/24 7/7 365/365. That could potentially put the academic system out of business and drive money to who can deliver the needed descoveries in a much faster and cheaperway.

At the same time I would set up an X-prize approach to find a cure.

Just my two cents.