Hi All,

Been lurking a while, thanks to everyone who has posted here and thanks to the admins for hosting this.

I have a non-traumatic incomplete injury between T5-T7 (and presumably higher also). Damage occurred over the course of at least a decade (I can now see that I had symptoms when I was 24 - currently 40), finally diagnosed and (hopefully) fixed last September. So now trying to figure out how much of walking/running I can get back (I assume bowels/bladder will always be messed up). My biggest blocker though is the full body fatigue I get after a day or two of PT. It isn't muscle fatigue, it is I-can't-even-read-to-my-three-year-old fatigue.

I also wrote a bunch on my blog about things I'm trying to track to better understand it: https://greg.blog/2018/06/15/relearn...walk-at-forty/

I'm currently hoping it is due to sleep apnea (just got a machine), but if that doesn't solve it then I'm probably starting some anti-depressant. BTW, taking 900mg Gabapentin, 3mg Tizanidine, 0.4mg Flomax (and a cocktail of vitamins) all at night. Some of the past fatigue was definitely due to when I was taking meds at other times of the day.

Thanks for any ideas anyone has.
- Greg