Hello friends,

I am a quad sequard syndrome, I have been experiencing Neuropathic pain lately on regular basis. Almost every day. What is strange is that it didn't happen to me before. I am 12 years past injury and it only started the last couple of months. The reality is that even though people say you can progress with your injury and get better with time its not always true. Apparently, your nerves can deteriorate and in my case, at the age of 32, the situation got a lot worse. Chronic pain has such devastating impact on quality of life and my ability to work. The strange part is that I have days when it's completely gone and no a problem. But there are also days like today when I feel pain in half of my body. Burning sensation like im on fire. I don't understand and I doubt anyone can tell me why this is happening. But, perhaps you guys can give me advice on how to deal with it. I don't take any meds at the moment whatsoever. I have been mostly dealing with pain but smoking marihuana and it helps if i smoke up and basically don't move much. Then and only then the pain stops. But it also impairs my cognition which interferes with my productivity.

That is why I need a better solution. If that even exists. Any suggestions? Any advice very appreciated. Thanks.