4 weeks ago I was in a car accident. The airbag was deployed and I have no memory of after the impact until I was in the ambulance en route to hospital. I have a non-displaced fracture of the body of the C2 vertebrae extending into the articulation of the C1. No spinal cord involvement thankfully. I am being treated with an Aspen collar (no surgery) and have follow up x ray and appt with the orthopedist at 5 1/2 weeks. When I was in the hospital I was told by my nurse I would probably need physiotherapy once my collar is removed. I regret I didn't ask more questions but will have another opportunity at my 5 1/2 week appt. I'm wondering about how long I'll have this collar on, what physio will entail and for how long, when I might be possibly cleared to go back to work and if there might be any lingering chronic problems in future. I'm managing well at this time and am no longer taking anything for pain. I only take the collar off to carefully shower but boy does it hurt if I accidentally turn my head a bit. Murray