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Indeed, throughout the US, basic research has slowed to a crawl as a result of the current government, particularly the Executive. People don't realize how much our scientific community relies on both basic research coming out of government labs, but also both regulatory (FDA, EPA, etc) and financial (SBIR, BAA, etc.) dependence.

What most people don't realize is that corporations don't do basic research (the stuff that comes way before animal trials etc.); this part of the research pipeline is very high risk (maybe 1% success rate) so doing it gets boards of directors sued by their shareholders. Basic research is largely government funded and conducted at universities, national laboratories (this are run by private companies but funded by the Federal gov't), and government labs.

If you ever want to see a cure for SCI, best to support the scientific community. Just a thought.
That's the fact. Success has to first come from the science and research being done at the bench. If that hasn't been accomplished, there's no need to worry about patents, licensing, lobbyists, corporations, insurance or mountain of other moot points.