NorthQuad, Looking forward to reading your hands on Demo of Quickie QM-710.

We now live in rural area and seldom see any Complex Rehab chairs, so not surprised never seen a QM-710.
We did see a F3 last summer at Walmart. Nice guy and gave great review of his chair. His past experience had been with Permobil FWD, think was C300 he said F3 replaced that model.

I am use to mostly RWD and MWD.
Before health worsened I went through a number of Jazzy chairs. Actually think older ones, not just Pride but all brands that older models all were built better than any new models. Stronger, faster and greater ground clearance than any of new models of just about any brand.

My wife will only use RWD and now a days choice of RWD really limited for some reason. She hates my AmySystem and says its a 6 wheeler no matter what it is called.
"Good Luck!"