Hi everyone,

My name is Becky. I used to post here on CC a lot a few years ago but life took off and I got very busy. I was finishing school, planning my wedding, and packing up my life in Chicago to move to Washington state after my wedding. Anyway, that was all back in September/October/November of 2014. I now live in very hilly Washington and hate it 😪. I love my husband but my day to day life is so hard that I just dont want to stay most days 😪😪😪😪. My pain is still very debilitating, which I know doesn?t help my mood/outlook on life. My husband is trying so hard to make our house fully accessible but, I just don?t know. I mean, we live on a very steep street, let?s face it, the whole state is pretty ?hilly? in comparison to the flat Midwest anyway. Some days I just don?t know what I can do. I want to be with my husband but, I miss Chicago more than anything 😪😪😪😪. If only life were different, you know.

In addition, I keep having health issues land me in the hospital, which just blows!!!!!! The main health issues that have happened since I moved to Washington has been, a lot of problems with my blood sugars, I?m also a type 1 diabetic, a broken hip, required 3 massive screws in it, I ended up needing to have an I&D done on the back side of my thigh because I had gotten an infected hair folical. I had no idea!!!!! I have also had many kidney infections, a few other broken bones, and occasionally my j-tube gets infected.

I?m so done with the way my life is going. I try to put on my happy face etc but, I don?t know, after dealing with this injury for more then 14 years now, I thought that I would be past all of the insecurities etc that come with this injury. Nope, I?m still uncomfortable with myself and this injury 😪😪😪.

On a happy note, I applied for a service dog early 2016 and I have been chosen to get one!!!!!!!!! I should have my service puppy in about a year or so!!!!!!!!!!! Has anybody heard of Canine Companions for Independence (CCI)? They are based out California. If so, I would love to get any info or feedback about the company. This is where I will be getting my service dog from 😁😁!!!!!!!

Anyway, thanks for letting me blab for a bit. I?m hoping to be a little more active on here again. I obviously remember my username and password, lol 😆😆😆