Hello everyone,

There's been large efforts pursuing a Bill to pass in Pennsylvania to fund Spinal Cord Injury research over the last 2 years. Well, today we are very close to getting our Bill included in the budget.....but its going to take some wrangling.

The Bill is 'sitting' in the 'back room' of the Appropriations Committee, where things are horse traded around to get inclusion in the final budget. This is where we need people to weigh in with those legislators about what to prioritize. We only have a few weeks left to get included.

So, if you would please make a couple of calls by the end of the week, and if possible ask people connected to you to make some calls also. You don't have to live in PA or even the US to weigh in, so don't let that stop you.

There are some things moving forward in the science that need nudges....and most importantly, they need nudges from people with a Spinal Cord Injury. That's one of the critical things that our Bill has built into the process.

Please make a few calls for us. It matters now more than ever.

These are the priority committee members we NEED to contact to ask that they Support Senate Bill #31 The Spinal Cord Disability Research Grant Act:

  • Sen. Browne: (Chair) (717) 787-1349
  • Sen. Hughes: (Minority Chair) (717) 787-7112
  • Sen. Corman: (Ex-Officio) (717) 787-1377
  • Sen. Scavello: (717) 787-6123
  • Sen. Schwank: (Minority Vice Chair) (717) 787-8925
  • Sen. Leach: (717) 787-5544
  • Sen. Tartaglione: (717) 787-1141(has a Spinal Cord Injury)

Then, if you're feeling like a superhero (which would be the correct frame of mind!) after that first round of calls, and want to take it the extra mile - give the other key members of the Appropriations Committee a call:

  • Sen. Costa: (Ex-Officio) (717) 787-7683
  • Sen. Haywood: (717) 787-1427
  • Sen. Scarnati: (Ex-Officio) (717) 787-7084
  • Sen. Baker: (717) 787-7428
  • Sen. Martin: (717) 787-6535

Thanks for your help!