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    ti lite tr

    its always something I have a jay back 3 really tall I am getting the hang of transferring to truck so next step was getting chair in bed with the outrider ok

    with my back not happening my back is 18 years old never got a new 1 so I was thinking get a saw cut it down duck tape edges with foam and seeif it would would work then buy 1

    so my question to you all is on ave how tall is the back on ur chair curious

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    I'm aT6/7. My back is set around 15" and use a 4" Java cushion with Java solid back..

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    I'm T8ish 10 years post, my backs have been right around 15" (though the stock slingbacks) and on my next chair I'm keeping it at 15" as well. Personally this is just because I have my chair super skinny (I'm 6 feet tall... well I used to be... at the chair is only 13" wide, so if I go much higher my torso (ribs/shoulders/etc) will hit the posts of the chair and not the slingback. It's not the most comfortable, but it seems the most functional for me.

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