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Thread: The Myocycle FES bike Thread.

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    I'm hearing nothing but good things about the new Myocycle. I really like the way it was designed to be so simple to use, no real tech knowledge required. It is very intuitive and very reliable.

    Myocycle is now on Bike-on Very good video here. I will disclose I have no financial interest in either Bike on or Myolyn Company. Just have a interest in you all being as healthy and happy as possible. I know FES Training is a very good thing if you can stick with it. This bike is very compact and does not take up too much space in a room. It could be a conversation piece, lol. It is a investment you will have for many years to come.

    Matt, is the unit available in different colors now? I remember the ones I saw at your company were Blue and I Notice on Bike on they are a golden orange color? I like that orange color better myself.
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