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Thread: Can bladder stone cause occasional mild AD?

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    Can bladder stone cause occasional mild AD?

    My back in the shoulder blade area sometimes feels chilled/sweaty. Nowhere else. Not my chest, neck, or head. Blood pressure is elevated a little to 120/80 or a little above, or it can be at my normal levels or lower. Foley is clear, no UTI, rectum is empty, hemorrhoid cream applied, skin is fine, no ingrown toenail, no overly tight clothes.

    I do have a small bladder stone. My urologist doesn't think it needs to be removed yet. We are watching it.

    The chilled feeling of my back can last for many hours, or just a short time. The blood pressure is too low to treat with Nitro-Bid or anything..
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    Yes, stones can definitely cause AD as well as UTIs.

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