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Thread: How to manage a stove?

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    Question How to manage a stove?

    I've been trying to figure out a way to do this. I know I could do a countertop with elements either on a regular counter or on an island for cooking. But I?m trying to figure out if there's someway for me as a quadriplegic with some hand dexterity to manage a oven. Not that I am going to be cooking a lot of the time but I was trying to figure out if there?s someway to get things in and out without dumping them on the floor. And without burning myself. Do people just put in oven that are raised and maybe have a swing away door instead of a fold down door? And then basically just transfer stuff onto their lap with maybe some sort of board or heat resistant pad? Or do you just get things in there that you can stab with a long cooking for can pull them out like that onto a plate?

    I don?t know. For those of you that have a stove/oven and use it how do you manage doing it? How is it set up in your kitchen?
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