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Thread: matia robotics TEK RMD standing chair.

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    matia robotics TEK RMD standing chair.

    So I remember the posts about this device.. seems a while ago 6- 8 years ?
    At the time I thought it was a little crazy!.. Seemed like the internet went a little crazy with it too. I mean good on the guy for figuring it out, but..

    Well hell good on the guy he managed to get it to market...
    Has anyone seen these or tried one.
    Apparently goes for around $22,000.

    Wonder how long this has been out there ?

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    It's been available since 2015 in the US and I bought one in early 2016. I use it several times per week and it's a great device provided you have sufficient upper body strength. Unfortunately, they switched to using Numotion as their exclusive distributer.

    I can answer any questions you might have.
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