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Jade, I've got to ask...how do your friends recommend making a dissociative episodes stop? I still have moments of absolute terror, these many years on.
Hey Bonnette!

so what they said was, take one deep breath, then wash your face with really cold water. Then, drink a glasss of anther really cold water or a fizzy drink, like coke. This is because the immediate sensation of cold and/or the bubbles of the drink are very grounding feelings.

Another thing to to do is keep a very strong perfume bottle and smell that, even if it hurts your nose. Basically anything you can do to yank yourself out of that moment of terror and ground you in the here and now.

anither milder technique is to try and find for example x amount or red objects in the room, x+1 blue ones, x+2 yellow ones, etc. These techniques work pretty well for me at least

really sorry you are having these moments as well, I wouldn’t wish them on anyone, let alone on someone nice like you