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Thread: Bolt on wheels to quick release wheels

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    Bolt on wheels to quick release wheels

    I have a wheelchair that i use occasionally that has the bolt on wheels. This is not my main chair but one I use outdoors and on certain trips. I have been trying to find out if i can add quick release wheels to this chair? If so how?

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    What do you mean by 'bolt on'?

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    What brand and model of chair?

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    Its a cheap drive chair i got from amazon

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    Here is the axle mounting setup as used by Quickie for folders, others are similiar. If you can figure out how to mount part #1 on your chair, then yes you could go to quick release. Parts are probably available for next to nothing or free here except getting the axle length correct is always a little harder. The axle plates are about 3"X5" and must be mounted parallel to each other or such as to provide wheel camber.
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    Thank you so much

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    Try taking the wheel mounting bolt out. See what diameter it is. Probably 1/2 or 7/16 inch. If its 1/2 inch try sticking a quick release pin in and see if it works. Might have to hunt for the right length.

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