Thinking about going on a road trip out west (from Florida) with my caregiver and her girlfriend. The third person was originally suppose to be her wife, whom I know very well and I'm comfortable with, but they are now separated unfortunately and she wants her new friend to come instead. I don't know this person well despite the fact that she's been over here alot for the last two months. She's made no effort to get to know me and like most people doesn't know or understand much about quadriplegics. And now, suddenly, I'm being presented with a new, and unexpected, alternative for this proposed road trip, courtesy of my caregiver and her new friend.

What do you think about dropping a totally dependent C4--C5 quadriplegic off at a hotel, and leaving him/her alone there all night to sleep while camping out at some campground ?a few miles away? as a "money saving measure? as opposed to getting two hotel rooms? And doing it repeatedly all across the country?

I don't like this idea at all. Not that it wouldn't be possible but it's risky in my opinion. My noncompliance with this idea has caused some friction so I want to know if I'm overreacting and shouldn't worry or has my caregiver completely lost her mind with this suggestion?