Hello everyone. Just curious if anyone here has had a similar situation I recently had with my CNA. Every evening, one of the things my CNA does when she first arrives is to move my laptop computer from the bed to a nearby shelf. The laptop is in a zippered case and probably 90% of the time when she needs to move it, the laptop is folded closed and the case it's in a zippered shut. There have been a few times when I asked the CNA to put the screen down on the laptop, close the cover on the bag and close the zipper on the bag before putting it away. The other day, I needed some extra room on my bed so I closed the case the laptop was in but did not zip it shut as I was not done using the laptop. When the CNA arrived, she saw the closed laptop case and assumed it was already zipped closed and grabbed the handle to move it and of course the laptop fell out, hit the floor and the screen cracked. I'm not sure if the laptop is functioning at all as I haven't had time to hook it up to my monitor yet. The CNA was very apologetic but beyond that didn't offer any help in having the laptop repaired. I've been tempted to fire this CNA for some time now because she's hardly ever on time and is also very lazy, there have been many times when I've dropped something on the floor such as a paper towel on the kitchen floor and she would just walk by it, not picking it up and leaving it for the person on the next shift. I really don't think it's a case of her not see the items on the floor as it happened so many times. And I really feel it's just laziness that she didn't check the laptop bag to make sure it was zipped closed the other night when she picked it up. This is why I'm tempted to ask her to reimburse at least half the cost of the repair of the laptop. Then again I know it was an accident so I'm reluctant to ask at all. Just wondering if you all have been in a similar situation and how you handled it? Thanks.