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Thread: Rectal Nitroglycerin/Vaseline ointment

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    Rectal Nitroglycerin/Vaseline ointment

    My suppository, the magic bullet, triggers pretty decent contractions that move the stool down, but not out, due to rectal and sphincter spasticity. This necessitates several digital simulations, which traumatize the tissue, leading to hemorrhoids and AD.

    I read about rectal nitroglycerin/Vaseline ointment which is used for the healing of fissures by decreasing the tone of the muscles around the blood vessels, which may also help with overall spasticity, which prevents elimination with less digital disimpaction.

    My rectal/surgeon who has decades of experience, but not much with SCI, said that in my case it would not be applicable. Plus it does have some side effects.

    Has anybody heard about this?

    Thank you.

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    Rectiv ?

    Never heard of it before or tried it.. but it looks interesting, surely worth trying for a couple of months?

    My colorectal surgeon prescribed me nifedipine 0.2% rectal ointment, which has to be made by a compounding pharmacy.. kind of helps a little! no magic.

    I was relying on Witch Hazel suppositories, which also seemed to help.
    I was hoping to make my own, figured out where to source the witch hazel powder but yet to figure what you have to do to the powder to make it anyway useful etc.
    Then wanted to combine CBD oil with the witch hazel etc.

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    The goal is to reduce rectal and Anal sphincter spasm so as to allow easier elimination due to the weak contractions triggered by the suppository and the inability to push with pelvic muscles. Even leaning forward, which can help, but which exacerbates hemorrhoids, would be required less, if the tone was reduced.

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