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Thread: Van sliding door limit switch

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    Van sliding door limit switch

    There is a normally open limit switch that closes when the sliding door is fully open in order to provide power to the lift motor if and only if the door is fully open. This is a safety circuit to prevent the lift from being deploying and hitting the door when it is closed.

    In my van, the lift can be deployed even when the door is closed. Hence, this limit switch is improperly adjusted, broken, or bypassed. I suspect it's improperly adjusted. It's a simple fix that should take only a few minutes. But I have to find it first. I trace the limit switch cable as far as the van floor. From there I can't see where it goes. Really don't want to take apart the floor.

    Any idea where this limit switch is located?

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    What make and model of van?

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    1992 Ford Econoline with sliding door. It makes sense that the limit switch should be in the bottom door track. But I can't see it.

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    Did you remove the plastic step cover? It should be on the bottom track somewhere, if it's not on the top rail.

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    No, I have not removed the plastic step cover. I guess that's the next step.

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